The Espejo Organization for the Arts is an arts management organization dedicated to supporting the growth and diversity of the arts in the United States.


Based in Brooklyn, New York, EOarts' mission is to create an international and multicultural community of artists and creatives that will open new possibilities and perspectives for American culture. 


Since 2013, EOarts develops personalized programs to provide creative professionals with the tools they need to excel in their field. Consultancies, workshops, exhibitions and publishing opportunities, art residencies, and many other platforms are developed by EOarts to help international established artists set a professional life in the United States.





Kika Espejo

Founder and Director

A native Spaniard visual artist and arts manager, Kika is in charge of running all aspects of the organization. She curates all the EOarts shows and is the leader of the O1 Visa Program.


Unue Perez

Program Director

Coming from Mexico, Unue keeps all EOarts' programs up and running, including the exhibition, education, and immigration programs. He also co-curates EOarts' exhibitions.

Niege Borges



Brazilian-born artist, Niege creates illustrations for our website, designs the corporate image of all our adjacent projects and is in charge of the creation of all our printed materials.



The Espejo Organization for the Arts (EOarts) was founded in 2013 by the Spaniard visual artist and arts manager Kika Espejo. As an international creative, Kika found the great need for guidance that foreign artists had when it came to developing a creative career in the United States. After obtaining her O1 visa, Kika started teaching workshops and giving consultancies to fellow artists that wanted to make New York their new home under the dba CONTEMPORARY ART PRACTICE (CAP). After a year, the O1 workshops were followed by career development courses, mentoring programs and exhibitions, leading to the creation of an organization that will give support to international artists and creative professionals in developing strong and fulfilling careers the US. In January 2016, EOarts fully embraced its name and continued to develop programs to provide promotional and marketing strategies for artists. In its 8 years of activity, EOarts has helped more than 100 international creatives achieve their goals of living and working in the US. It represents the work of extraordinary talents from all around the world and is always working on improving and creating new tools for its clients.