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Waiting: Svetlana Jovanovic Solo Exhibition at Rabbithole Projects

Svetlana Jovanovic. Letting Go. 2015. C-print. 20x30 inches The Espejo Organization for the Arts and Rabbithole Projects are honored to present Waiting, a photography exhibit by Serbian-Dutch artist Svetlana Jovanovic. On this one-night-only show, Jovanovic will present a series of surreal photographic portraits that question the existing cliches of femininity. Borrowing from the language of fashion photography, Jovanovic’s work provokes an unease and ambiguity, encouraging the viewer to recognize their own objectifying practices and expectations of the female body. Using isolated and disengaged characters in dreamlike settings, Jovanovic’s solo exhibition, Waiting, features theatrical portr

Through a Window: Sahana Ramakrishnan Solo Exhibition at Rabbithole Gallery

Sahana Ramakrishnan. Asura (2016), Oil, Collage, and Brass pieces on Canvas, 46 x 54 inches In her first solo exhibition, Sahana Ramakrishnan offers an escape into a world in which human and animal bodies cease to exist as separates. The artist finds inspiration in the Hindu and Buddhist philosophies that stress our interconnectedness to other beings on this planet. In a language that is definably culturally ambiguous, she stitches together elements from contemporary and ancient fables from around the world, using man’s relationship with animals as a platform to examine human morality. Through a Window features paintings and drawings rich with grotesque and surreal imagery that marry the fre