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Pablo Villazan the New King of Pop Art

Pablo Villazan. New York Mood (2016). Mix Media. 96"x72" Pablo Villazan is a name you want to keep in mind since he is the artist who some art critics appoint as the successor of Andy Warhol. This Spanish visual artist based in New York city stroke the art world in 2015 when he presented the uncensored sexual attributes of his lovers in his controversial polaroids series "Amigos" (Friends) at Art Basel Miami. But it was in 2016, when he made us worship a cleaning product bottle as if it was the Madonna by Botticelli in his windex bottles series, when we really fell for him. Pablo Villazan. Love (2015) Oil ink on canvas. 137"x90" With a strong pop art aesthetic, Villazan’s artworks combine ur

Larissa Nowak’s Doorways to Poetry

Doorways to Poetry, 2013, Digital Print, 8 x 10 inches Self-portraiture has been present in Larissa’s work through the ten years of her career as a photographer. In her new solo exhibition Doorways to Poetry, Larissa’s presents us a series of works where she lets herself be seen, deeply seen, and vulnerably seen. For an artist, this is an action that takes courage, the courage to be imperfect, to bring out her whole self and tell the story of who she truly is. Fully embracing vulnerability gives Nowak the strength to do so. She presents us with an experience where we are invited to question our own boundaries when it comes to self-reflection: “It is definitely not comfortable but it is neces