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This two-part workshop is intended for international art students, recent graduates, and professional artists interested in applying for a working visa in the United States. We will discuss the nature of the O1 visa as well as the requirements and different ways to obtain and collect all the documents needed for the application. Artists will learn the specific criteria used by US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to evaluate candidates and how to plan their time, finances, and resources to complete a successful application. 


The workshop will be divided into two parts:

Introduction (1 hour) FREE


  • Benefits of the O1 visa 

  • USCIS’s requirements to apply

  • Types of sponsor/petitioner 

  • Itinerary and deal memos

  • Evidence of your work based on your field

  • Consultation letter form unions

  • Processing times, costs, and other process-related recommendations

  • Attorney's list of questions before you start the process


In-depth workshop (1 hour) PAID

  • How to get a sponsor. Documents needed.

  • How to organize and build the itinerary with multiple employers: strategies 

  • How to collect the evidence and make a plan to obtain additional documentation

  • How to draft the letters of recommendation: structure and vocabulary

  • How to determine your field's union to obtain a consultation letter

  • Planning and template tools

Artists should register using the links provided below in order to attend. We recommend those artists interested in attending the In-Depth Workshop to sign for the free Introduction too. For those artists who did not sign for the In-Depth Workshop in advance who wish to stay after the free Introduction, they will be able to pay on-site as long as there are spots available.  



Saturday, March 14th at 12.00 pm


Cargo Project Gallery

Rockwall Studios. Studio A33

1080 Wyckoff Avenue

Ridgewood, NY 11385





Free introduction. Workshop $100


Class Size:




Kika Espejo is a visual artist and arts manager director of EOarts. She has worked with O1 visa applicants since 2013, and she is an O1 visa holder herself. Having prepared and assisted hundreds of artists and creatives in building strong cases for their applications, Espejo shares professional and personal stories to help applicants understand the process and be more successful in the collection of the documents needed for the petition.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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