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EOarts is an arts management organization based in Ridgewood, Queens, dedicated to supporting foreign-born artists and creative professionals. EOarts develops workshops, publications, residency programs, and many other platforms with the goal of growing and maintaining the diversity and multicultural art community of New York City.

EOarts Creatives-in-Residency Program (EOarts CIR) offers 24/7 access to furnished shared studio space. Residents are provided with a supportive atmosphere, to create while surrounded by a multidisciplinary creative community.


Each month, residents are offered the opportunity to show their work in the monthly-curated groups show at Cargo Project Gallery. The best pieces of each resident’s work will get published in the yearly EOarts CIR catalog.


The studio is 212 square feet shared interior workspace located at Rockwall Studios at the border of Bushwick and Ridgewood. The studio offers a worktable, chair, lamp, and internet access. The studio has a little fridge, microwave, and kettle.


There is no equipment provided by EOarts CIR.


Residents will also have access to the 212 square feet gallery space for studio visits, shootings, and classes. The gallery counts with two large tables and 8 foldable chairs. Residents will also be able to use Rockwall Studios’ Conference Room and other building facilities. Residents will receive discounts for 1080 Brew Coffee Shop and YES Yoga Studio, all part of 1080 Wyckoff Avenue building complex.


EOarts CIR organizes a monthly-curated group exhibition at Cargo Project Gallery that includes the work of residents and other EOarts community artists and creatives.


Residents have the opportunity to have a solo show for every completed 3 months of residency time.


All resident’s work will have a dedicated page on the program’s website and will get their work published in a yearly catalog.


Artists and creative professionals will have free access to workshops, talks, and exhibitions held at Cargo Project Gallery during their residency period.


All residents will also be interviewed for Contemporary Creative Practice Magazine and will receive other opportunities for publication.




EOarts CIR is dedicated to foreign-born artists, who either visit or live in the US, who work in the fields of visual arts, design, illustration, video, photography, poetry, and film.




The program runs on a monthly basis from January to December. Each residency term starts on the first business day of the month and ends on the last business day of the same month.




The one-month residency costs is $675.


The studio is a workspace only – housing is NOT provided. Residents who need funding and support for program fees, travel, materials, visa, and accommodations should apply to funding sources.



Applicants should be proficient in English to participate and benefit from the program.

Apply HERE



What is the final deadline for submitting my application form?

EOarts CIR doesn’t have deadlines. You just have to remember that residency periods start the first business day of every month and finish on the last business days of the said month.

Are MFA candidates and current students eligible for participation in the EOarts CIR?


Yes, students enrolled in a BFA or MFA program are encouraged to apply


How does the selection process work?


We select residents from the pool of applications received for each period. We try to match the different applicants' work, building multidisciplinary groups that can get the most out of their time together.


I do not have a long career in the creative field or an extensive history of exhibiting my work. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes. EOarts CIR strives to offer professional development opportunities for artists and creative professionals who would benefit from the exposure, dialogue with an artistic community, and a change of environment.


How long is EOarts CIR program?


Residents can apply for a minimum of 1 period (1 month) and a maximum of 12 periods (1 year) from the date of their acceptance.   


Does EOarts CIR accept applications from performing artists and actors?


Due to the nature of your facilities, we are unable at this moment to accommodate professionals working in the fields of dance and performing arts. Although, these professionals are encouraged to apply if they think they could make use of the platforms that we offer..


What are the hours in which I will be able to use the gallery space?


Cargo Project Gallery is open for residents to use for studio visits, classes, talks, shootings, and other activities from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm. The space is also available on evenings from Sunday to Tuesday from 4 pm to 11 pm. Remember, the gallery is only available for activities but not for exhibitions or screenings that are not approved by EOarts CIR Program.


How do I reserve my spot at the residency? 


You will need to pay a deposit of $1350 to hold your spot on the desired month you are planning to attend. This amount will cover your first-month residency fee and the deposit. If you plan to stay longer than a month, the program fee will be due between the 1st and 5th day of each month. The deposit will be reimbursed to you once your residency period is over as long as you return the space in the same condition you received it.

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