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The Espejo Organization for the Arts offers its support as an organization to professionals in the field of arts, design, music, dance, film, television, and entertainment and their O1 visa petitions.


If you are an artist or creative professional in need of a sponsor for your O1 visa application, send us your resume for review. We accept applications year-round. 


Selected individuals become part of our International Creatives Mobility Employment Program and members of EOarts Talent family, obtaining quality support and guidance through the process of applying for an O1 visa, and becoming part of a thriving creative community.






In this program, artists and creatives that pass our selection process receive our support as an agent petitioner for the O1 visa application and become part of EOarts Talent Family. The program includes a wide range of services, including but not limited to:​


  • O1 visa application: support during the O1 visa petition preparation providing guidance on requirements and time management tools to submit the application within the desired timeframe;

  • Consular Interview: assistance booking the appointment at the designated consulate and preparing the required documentation;

  • Social Security Number: guidance on how to obtain an SSN upon arriving in the US;

  • Taxes: education on the American tax system and compliance, tax return timelines, and qualifying deductibles for each creative field;

  • Health Insurance: support in choosing a health insurance plan that best adapts to each artist's needs and budget;

  • Credit Building: providing with main principles to build a healthy credit history in the US, allowing the artist to rent a home and access credit cards, loans, and mortgages in the future;

  • Itinerary Management: tracking of all work engagements, additions, and substitutions in the presented itinerary; 

  • Business Creation: support in choosing the best business structure and incorporating services;

  • Promotion: through exhibitions, publications, and social media publications.


EOarts represents and fosters the talent of exceptional artists and creative professionals from all around the globe and feels proud to be able to assist them in their adventure of continuing their careers in the US.


Please submit your resume along with a link to your website (if applicable) for consideration at




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