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  • Sponsor (also called Petitioner): an American individual, American resident (green card holder) or US organization that will support your application. It can be your future employer or an agent.


  • Itinerary: a detailed plan of employment for the duration of your visa, up to 3 years. If applying with a sponsor agent, a letter of intent from each of the employers included in the itinerary.


  • Evidence: of your excellence in the field; proof that you have participated, or will participate, in productions and events of distinguished reputation. that you have played a lead role for organizations, that you have received critical reviews or commercial success, testimonials from experts in the field, and documentation that shows you have commanded or will command a high salary. 


  • Advisory Letter: a non-objection letter from a union or management organization related to your field of expertise.


  • Valid passport: for at least valid for 6 months from the day you submit your application.



Other things you will need:


  • Time: putting together an O1 application in an arduous job and you will need to plan ahead and organized yourself to get everything on time. It can take between 3 to 6 months depending on many variables.


  • Money: the cost of the application can vary depending on the field of expertise but be prepare to spend a considerable amount of money on this application Think about a minimum of $5000 and an average of $7000.




The O1 visa is a classification of nonimmigrant temporary worker visa granted by the United States to individuals who possess extraordinary abilities in the science, arts, education, motion picture and entertainment industry that have been recognized nationally or internationally for those achievements. The duration of the O1 visa goes up to 3 years, depending on the length of the itinerary presented with the application.




Visual artists, designers, musicians, filmmakers, photographers, entertainers, comedians, makeup artists, producers, performers, visual effects artists, art managers, actors, curators, videographers, sound engineers, dancers, and any creative professional that can prove excellence in their field and recognition for their achievements. 




As with any other kind of application, the first thing you need to learn is what is the person reading your application looking for. Officers at USCIS are looking to see proof of your extraordinary ability, documents that will show them that you have reached a level of achievement significantly above the ordinary.


EOarts offers a range of services regarding the O1 visa that will help you put together a strong case for your application.


O1 Visa Info 


  • What visa options are available for artists and creatives

  • What and O1 visa is

  • What are the benefits of the O1 visa

  • What are USCIS’s requirements to apply: sponsor/petitioner, itinerary and deal memos, evidence of your work, consultation letter, and legal documents

  • What is a sponsor/petitioner 

  • How to organize the itinerary: strategies and tips

  • What is a deal memo

  • How to collect your evidence and separate them by criteria: productions, organizations, critical reviews, commercial and critical success, testimonials from experts, and high salary.

  • What is a consultation letter

  • What legal documents you need to apply

  • How long does it take to put an O1 visa application together

  • How much does it cost to put an O1 visa application together: variables


Sign up for our next free info session HERE. These sessions take place once a month at Cargo Project Gallery. 1080 Wyckoff Avenue, St. A33, Ridgewood, NY 11385.

We also offer one-on-one consultations to help you figure out the best options for your case.

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Any services, statements, or information found in this site are not intended to substitute legal advice. The Espejo Organization for the Arts courses, consultancies, and international creatives mentoring programs are not a replacement for legal services. Always consult an attorney when dealing with immigration matters. All the topics shared on this site are solely the opinion of the author or guest authors. The information provided in this website, along with the courses,consultancies, and management programs, are only intended to provide guidance and strategies on how to organize the O1 visa application.


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