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Pablo Villazan the New King of Pop Art

Pablo Villazan. New York Mood (2016). Mix Media. 96"x72"

Pablo Villazan is a name you want to keep in mind since he is the artist who some art critics appoint as the successor of Andy Warhol. This Spanish visual artist based in New York city stroke the art world in 2015 when he presented the uncensored sexual attributes of his lovers in his controversial polaroids series "Amigos" (Friends) at Art Basel Miami. But it was in 2016, when he made us worship a cleaning product bottle as if it was the Madonna by Botticelli in his windex bottles series, when we really fell for him.

Pablo Villazan. Love (2015) Oil ink on canvas. 137"x90"

With a strong pop art aesthetic, Villazan’s artworks combine urban elements, presented in a irreverent and powerful style, that reflect a constant search for the hidden beauty in everyday objects. Eccentric and chic, his work appeals to the contemporary reality that surrounds us where cosmopolitan city stories, sex, advertising and consumerism clash.

Villazan works primarily in mix media combining digital images, graffiti and painting with elements of collage and installation. He creates striking pieces that are spontaneous, direct and provocative activating our desires and making us surround to his demands.

At Pablo Villazan's Studio in NYC. Behind the piece Jesus Te Ama (Jesus Loves You) (2016). Mix Media. 96"x72"

Domination, manipulation, seduction and beauty is what Villazan's work represent. A reflection of our contemporary society that exposes the personal, idolizes the object and self-indulges in the over saturation of its senses.

Villazan is the three-time winner of the Luis Vives National Painting Award and his works have been selected to be part of exhibitions at the Contemporary Art Museum, Casa de Vacas Fundation, Jorge Albero Gallery, ARCO Madrid as well as the Frieze Art Fair in New York and Art Basel Miami. Villazan holds a MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York.

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